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  • Supervisory duties in the area of trade, catering, manufacturing, agribusiness, industrial processing and food sales.
  • Coordination of the activity of the organizations in the area of trade, catering, agribusiness, bakery, fruit and vegetables, fish product making, processing and sales.
  • Uninterrupted supplies of food and consumer goods for the population of the city of Minsk.
  • Accumulation and consumption of seasonal goods, coordination of work in setting up stabilization funds.
  • Development and introduction of proposals on balancing the volumes of retail trade with the income of the population and commodity resources, compiling of goods provision plans for the city of Minsk.
  • Analysis of consumer market trends, concept development and evaluation of priorities in the development of trade, public catering, working out and implementation of nationwide and targeted programs for the economic and social development of local infrastructure, urban programs on the development of the processing industry, elaboration of measures aimed at increasing the trade turnover, production, improvement of the financial situation of processing and agricultural organizations.
  • Promotion of competition, development of market infrastructure based on Minsk’s economic development program, as well as securing equal conditions for all economic operators in the area of trade, catering, agribusiness, manufacturing, industrial processing and food sales.
  • Organization of trading shows, participation in nationwide fairs.
  • Introduction of proposals on denationalization and privatization of the facilities of the municipal use in the city of Minsk, the efficient use of the leased municipal property.
  • Marketing research services; assistance in advancing products to the foreign and domestic markets; improvement of the technological process of the manufacturing, development and implementation of new technologies.
  • Laboratory tests of the quality of confectionery goods, culinary and semi-finished products in compliance with the physicochemical and organoleptic requirements.